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  FAO 1st Dvn League: Sports Hostel, Rovers, SAI win titles
CUTTACK,12 Sep 2019 (Team Orisports)

Odisha Sports Hostel emerged champions in the Diamond Group of the FAO First Division Football League with a total of 16 points from seven matches. Sports Hostel beat Rising Students Club 2-0 in their seventh and last game at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack on September 6.

Under the guidance of coach Gangadhar Behera, Sports Hostel boys won five games, dwew one and lost one. Rising Students Club finished runners-up with five wins and two defeats for a total of 15 points.


Meanwhile, Rovers Club and SAI Training Centre won titles in FAO 1st Division Golden and Silevgr League respectively. Rovers Club topped the table in Golden League with 11 points from five matches. They won three and drew two.

SAI Training Centre were declared champions of the Silver Group without playing the final as opponents Club-n-Club expressed expressed inability to put up their team. Football Association of Odisha (FAO) organised the three-tier FAO First Division Football League from 24 July, 2019.

The three tiers were: Diamond, Gold and Silver League. Cuttack ADM Bijaya Kumar Khandayatray inaugurated the tournament in the presence of Odisha Athletic Association secretary Asirbad Behera and office-bearers of FAO.

Diamond League had eight teams, while Gold and Silver League featured six and 10 teams respectively. Teams in Silver League were further divided into two groups (A and B) of five teams each. Teams finishing at the top of Group A and B will played for the title in Silver League.

The Diamond and the Gold League were played in single-leg round robin format. After completion of FAO Diamond, Gold and Silver League, the FAO Super Cup will be played in the same format as that of last year.

The champion team of the FAO Super Cup will get a cash award of Rs 1 lakh and the runners-up Rs 50,000. The champion of FAO Diamond League will be richer by Rs 1 lakh, while that of the Gold League and Silver League Rs 75,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively.

The bottom most team of FAO Diamond League will be relegated to FAO Gold League from the next year and the champion team of the Gold League will be promoted to Diamond League from the next year.

Similarly the bottom most team of Gold League will be relegated to FAO Silver League from next year, while the champion of the Silver League will be promoted to FAO Gold League from next year. The bottom team of Silver-A and Silver-B will play the relegation match and the loser will be relegated to FAO Second Division League from next year.

FAO Second Division League will be played amongst five teams in single-leg round robin format. Team finishing at the top of the table in Second Division League will be the champion and will be promoted to FAO Silver League from next year. The champion of the FAO Second Division League will get cash award of Rs 25,000, while the runners-up will be given Rs 15,000.


July 24 (Match 1):
Odisha Sports Hostel (Jaysingh Gagrayi) beat Odisha Police 1-0. Most Valuable Player: Fagu Baskey (Sports Hostel).
July 26 (Match 2): Odisha Police (Jagmohan Jerai 11th, Arun Budula 34th, 46th, Bijay Ghallan 60th) beat Young Utkal Club 4-0. MVP: Bijay Ghallan.
July 28 (Match 3): Odisha Sports Hostel (Laxman Bindhani 13th, Bhabagrahi Padhiary 34th, 55th) beat Young Utkal (Dinabandhu Das 40th, Deepak Biswal 41st) 3-2. MVP: Bhabagrahi Padhiary
July 30 (Match 4): Odisha Police (Arun Budula 17th, Bijay Ghallan 21st) beat East Coast Railway (Sanatan Lohar 44th) 2-1. MVP: Bijay Ghallan.
August 1 (Match 5): Sunrise Club (Mukhwinderjit Singh 38th-P, 53rd-P)  beat Odisha Police 2-0. MVP: Arpan Lakra (Sunrise).
August 2 (Match 6): Radha Raman Club (Dhiraj Prakash Meher 5th, Arjun Nayak 17th, Dhananjay Majhi 50th, Emanwel Tirkey 67th-OG) beat Jay Durga Club 4-0. MVP: Arjun Nayak.
August 3 (Match 7): Young Utkal Club (Bijaya Kumar Barik 29th, Bikash Sahoo 54th) beat East Coast Railway (Sanatan Lohar 76th) 2-1. MVP: Bikash Sahoo.
August 4 (Match 8): Odisha Police (Govinda Senapati 55th) beat Rising Student Club 1-0. MVP: Govinda Senapati.
August 5 (Match 9): Odisha Sports Hostel (Francis Lakra 27th, 35th, 41st) beat Sunrise Club 3-0. MVP: Francis Lakra.
August 6 (Match 10): Odisha Police (Pramod Kumar Das 16th, 41st) beat Radha Raman Club 2-0. MVP: Pramod Kumar Das.
August 8 (Match 11): Rising Student Club (Johnson Kiro 16th, Arbind Lakra 50th, Adwin Tirkey 61th) beat Young Utkal Club (Deepak Biswal 70th) 3-1. MVP: Adwin Tirkey.
August 9 (Match 12): Odisha Police drew with Jay Durga Club 0-0. MVP: Prem Prakash Kissan (Jay Durga).
August 10 (Match 13): Odisha Sports Hostel (Francis Lakra 35th) drew with East Coast Railway (Sanjit Panna 42nd) 1-1. MVP: Saroj Kumar Pradhan (ECo Railway).
August 10 (Match 14): Sunrise Club drew with Radha Raman Club 0-0. MVP: Nirmal Kumar K (Sunrise).
August 16 (Match 15): Young Utkal Club (Dinabandhu Dash 25th) beat Jaydurga Club 1-0. MVP: Raju Laguri (Young Utkal).
August 17 (Match 16): Sunrise Club (Md Fayas 18th, 23rd, Gurpreet Singh 51st, Sunil Sardar 55th, Arpan Lakra 68th, Nirmal Kumar 74th) beat East Coast Railway 6-0. MVP: Md Fayas
August 18 (Match 17): Rising Student Club (Jhonson Kirro 3rd, 72nd, SS Alam 20th, Adwin Tirkey 25th, Raju Bisar 39th, Sk Zahid 42nd) beat Jay Durga Club (Syed Abu Hurera 21st, Opra Ndubuisi 40th) 6-2. MVP: Adwin Tirkey.
August 19 (Match 18): Odisha Sports Hostel (Francis Lakra 11th) vs Radharaman Club. Match adjourned as Radharaman refused to play, protesting against referee decision with Sports Hostel leading 1-0. Matter referred to T&T Committee.
August 20 (Match 19): Rising Student Club (Rajesh Nayak 34th, Raju Bisar 44th) beat East Coast Railway 2-0. MVP: Raju Bisar.
August 21 (Match 20): Sunrise Club (Md Fayaz 49th, Ramesh Oram 52nd, Ambika Lakra 62nd, Arpan Lakra 71st) beat Young Utkal Club 4-0. MVP: Arpan Lakra.
August 22 (Match 21): Radharaman Club (Kwabena Kemevor 45’) drew with East Coast Railway (Blacky Lakra 61’) 1-1. MVP: Santosh Das (Railway).
August 23 (Match 22): Jay Durga Club (Sk Zuber 31’, Raj Kumar Das 57’) beat Odisha Sports Hostel (Manjit Kissan 41’) 2-1. MVP: Amit Bora (Jay Durga).
August 24 (Match 23): Radharaman Club (Dhiraj Meher 7’, Betal Lakra 12’, Nitesh Mondal 67’, Richard Omuah 16’, 70’, 71’) beat Young Utkal Club (Dinabandhu Das 23’) 6-1. MVP: Richard Omuah.
August 25 (Match 24): Rising Student Club (Rajesh Nayak 10’) beat Sunrise Club 1-0. MVP: Sk Shahanawaz Alam (Rising Student).
August 26 (Match 25): East Coast Railway (Sanjeet Panna 12’, Sanatan Lohar 23’, Sk Mustakin 80’) beat Jaydurga Club Club (Kishan Oram 18’, Opera Ndubiuis 29’) 3-2. MVP: Raj Kumar (Railway).
August 29 (Match 26): Sunrise Club (Sunil Sardar 30’) beat Jay Durga Club 1-0. MVP: Nirmal K (Sunrise).
August 31 (Match 27): Rising Students Club (Edwin Tirkey 4’, Johnson Kiro 6’) beat Radharaman Club (Jayanta Mahanta 57’) 2-1. MVP: Edwin Tirkey.
September 6 (Match 28): Odisha Sports Hostel (Jayasingh Gagarai 3’, Manjit Kisan 60’) beat Rising Students Club 2-0. MVP: Jayasingh Gagarai.

August 25 (Match 1):
Rising Star Club (Naresh Bhumi 4’) drew with Bidanasi Club (Manoj Ku Das 29’) 1-1. MVP: ?
August 27 (Match 2): Rovers Club (Sukru Oram 16’, Arunagshu Gupta 56’, 57’, Sona Hara 69’) beat Radha Gobind Club (Janmo Xess 24’, Antarjyami Nayak 50’) 4-2. MVP: ?
August 28 (Match 3): Sunshine Club (Purna Ch Samal 8’, Badal Ku Bhoi 19’, Akash Das 63’) beat Bidanasi Club (Ajay Behera 60’) 3-1. MVP: Purna Chandra Samal
August 28 (Match 4): Rising Star Club (Sourav Mukherjee 7’, Arjun Muduli 79’, Ajit Rout at 79’-OG) beat Mangala Club (Tofan Nayak 80’) 3-1. MVP: Chandra Muduli.
August 30 (Match 5): Rovers Club drew with Rising Star Club 0-0. MVP: Tirupati Khilo (Rising Star).
September 1 (Match 6): Rising Star Club (Kartik Hantal 22’) beat Sunshine Club 1-0. MVP: Kartik Hantal.
September 3 (Match 7): Sunshine Club (Badal Kumar Bhoi 39’) drew with Mangala Club (Tofan Nayak 60’) 1-1. MVP: Tofan Nayak.
September 4 (Match 8): Radha Gobinda Club (Antarjami Nayak 53’, Sanjit Khora 60’, Jamir Oram 84’) beat Rising Star Club (Arjun Muduli 79’) 3-1. MVP: Sumit Oram (Radha Gobinda).
September 4 (Match 9): Bidanasi Club (Almas Parwez 19’, Karfulla Lakra 74’) drew with Rovers Club (Arunangusu Gupta 32’, Raja Das 56’) 2-2. MVP: Arunangsu Gupta.
September 6 (Match 10): Rovers Club (Naren Suna 11’, Arunangshu Gupta 40’, 58, 62’, 64’) beat Mangala Club (Krisanu Das 28’) 5-1. MVP: Arunangshu Gupta.
September 9 (Match 11): Mangala Club (Papu Majhi 9’, 58’, Malaya Nayak 52’) beat Bidanasi Club 3-0. MVP: Papu Majhi.
September 9 (Match 12): Rovers Club (Akash Oram 55’, Arunangsu Gupta 72’, 80’) beat Sunshine Club 3-0. MVP: SK Rahul Oram (Rovers).
September 10 (Match 13): Radha Gobinda Club (Sumit Oram 30’, Antarjami Nayak 50’, 80’, 83’) beat Mangala Club (Babul Rout 69’) 4-1. MVP: Antarjami Nayak.
September 12 (Match 14): Radhagobinda Club (Sanjeet Khora 32’) drew with Bidanasi Club (Manoj Das 37’) 1-1. MVP: Sanjeet Khora.

August 17 (Match 1):
Chand Club (Md Javed 25th-OG, Sk Farid 32nd, 67th, 73rd, Md Afridi 40th, Shasikant Sandyl 57th) beat Lalbag Club (Md Javed 65th) 6-1. MVP: Sk Farid.
August 19 (Match 2): SAI Training Centre (Ajay Barwa 78th) beat Chand Club 1-0. MVP: Alok Ekka (SAI).
August 22 (Match 3): SAI Training Centre (Abhinash Samal 31’, Hemanta Hasda 33’, Pravat Dansena 40’, 55’, 63’, 66’, Jagadish Oram 78’) beat Lalbag Club (Sk Shazad 52’) 7-1. MVP: Pravat Dansena.
August 29 (Match 4): Chand Club (Chandra Sekhar Behera 11’, 14’, 30’, Sk Farid 26’, Md Bilal 53’, Bibhu Ranjan Nayak 67’-OG) beat State Bank of India 6-0. MVP: Chandra Sekhar Behera.
August 31 (Match 5): State Bank of India (Jayanta Ku Behera 14’) drew with Lalbagh Club (Md Jawed 33’) 1-1. MVP: ?
September 1 (Match 6): Chand Club (Chandra Sekhar Behera 3’, 29’, 34’, Sk Imtiaz Ali 35’, 44’, Md Afridi 62’) beat Azad Hind Club (Keshab Majhi 32’) 6-1. MVP: Chandra Sekhar Behera.
September 3 (Match 7): Azad Hind Club (Basanta Kalo 22’, Basudev Nayak 78’) beat State Bank of India 2-0. MVP: Basudev Nayak.
September 5 (Match 8): SAI Training Centre (Abinash Samal 16’, Jagdish Oram 27’, 41’, M Trinath 42’, 59’, Prabhart Dansena 71’) beat Azad Hind Club (Basudev Nayak 4’) 6-1. MVP: Jagdish Oram.
September 10 (Match 9): Azad Hind Club (Basudev Nayak 50’) drew with Lalbag Club (Sk Sahid 53’) 1-1. MVP: Basudev Nayak.

August 16 (Match 1):
Club-N-Club (Kshitish Dansana 7th) beat Town Club 1-0. MVP: Kshitish Dansana.
August 18 (Match 2): Club-N-Club (Sunil Toppo 20th, Ganga Oram 63rd) drew with Independent Club (Kshitish Dansena 44th-OG, Pradyumna Swain 68th) 2-2. MVP: Sushil Toppo.
August 20 (Match 3): Club-N-Club (Bikash Barla 84th) beat Chauliaganj Club 1-0. MVP: Bikash Barla.
August 21 (Match 4): Independent Club (Shibo Kindo 36th, 77th, Jugeswar Bag 48th, Pabitra Minz 51st, 58th) beat Town Club (Mihir Bhoi 79th) 5-1. MVP: Pabitra Minz.
August 23 (Match 5): Club-N-Club (Sanjay Khadia 40+1’, Rajiv Das 60’) beat Royal Club (Pranab Barik 50’) 2-1. MVP: Rajiv Das.
August 24 (Match 6): Chauliaganj Club (Shyam Sunder Soren 12’, Mahendra Soren 54’, Dara Singh Jamuda 23’, 81’) beat Town Club (Jagan Das 79’) 4-1. MVP: Dara Singh Jamuda.
August 26 (Match 7): Chauliaganj Club (Dara Singh Jamuda 7’, 25’, 82’, Mano Karangia 33’, Shyam Sunder Soren 65’, Ramesh Chandra Murmu 71’) beat Independent Club (Shiba Kindo 20’, 74’, Pradyumna Swain 74’) 6-3. MVP: Dara Singh Jamuda.
August 27 (Match 8): Royal Club (Pranab Barik 19’, 53’, Saroj Behera 32’, Bapi Soren 62’, Sanjay Hembram 78’) beat Town Club 5-0. MVP: Pranab Barik.
August 30 (Match 9): Royal Club got walk-over against Independent Club.
September 5 (Match 10): Chauliaganj Club got walk-over against Royal Club.
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TOP: Members of Odisha Sports Hostel team celebrate after emerging Diamond Group champions in Cuttack on 6 September, 2019.
RIGHT: Players and officials of FAO 1st Divison Golden League champions Rovers Club in Cuttack on 12 Sept, 2019.


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