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  Hero Elite League: Mixed luck for Odisha teams

Home-grown Odisha U-18 boys football teams, Sports Hostel Odisha and FAO Academy experienced mixed luck in the Jharkhand & Odisha Zone competition of the Hero Indian Elite League 2019-20, which remained incomplete due to Corona Pandemic.

Sports Hostel Odisha did a good job in the six-team zonal league, securing second place in the table with 14 points from six of the 10 matches they played. Sports Hostel Odisha won four and drew two.

But the performance of FAO Academy proved to be disappointing as they finished sixth and last with four points from seven of their matches. They won one, drew one and lost five.

10 March
(At Ravenshaw University Ground, Cuttack): FAO Academy drew with Sports Hostel Odisha 0-0. PoM: Sanjay Hembram (SHO).
6 March (At Football Stadium, Khelgaon): FAO Academy lost to Sports Authority of Jharkhand (Dasmat Tudu 92nd) 0-1. PoM: Dasmat Tudu.
2 March (At JRD Tata Sports Complex, Jamshedpur): FAO Academy lost to Jamshedpur FC (Sapam Kenedy Singh 13th, 70th, Subhash Barua 74th, Robin Das 90th, 92nd) 0-5. PoM: Sapam Kenedy Singh.
28 February (At Ravenshaw University Ground, Cuttack): FAO Academy lost to Dhanbad Football Academy (Kaigunhao Chongloi 11th, Lairenjam Sushil Singh 66th, Tongminlen Haokip 71st) 0-3. PoM: Moirangthem Nongsaba Meetei (DFA).
24 February (At Ravenshaw University Ground, Cuttack): FAO Academy lost to SAIL Football Academy, Bokaro (Mangginhao Kipgen 7th) 0-1. PoM: Mangginhao Kipgen.
15 February (At Sijua Stadium): FAO Academy (Adwin Tirkey 76th) beta Sports Authority of Jharkhand 1-0. PoM: Adwin Tirkey.

FAO ACADEMY SQUAD: Siddhanta Pradhan (GK), Ritik Naik (DF), Sk Farhan (MF), Alibhanshu Mahanandia (MF), Amar Oram (MF), Chintu Samal (MF), Sk Farid (MF), Adwin Tirkey (Captain, FW), Mir Aatif Ali (FW), Sk Kalam (FW), Paresh Behera (FW), Mohmmed Sarfaraj (FW), Piyush Pattnaik (FW), Amrit Samal (DF), Chandan Ram (FW), Sumit Kumar Jha (DF), Sushil Banchhor (GK), Arman Ekka (DF). Coach: Hrusikesh Behera.

7 March
(At Satyabrata Stadium, Cuttack): Sports Hostel Odisha drew with Jamshedpur FC 0-0.
3 March (At Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar): Sports Hostel Odisha (Bhagabana Chuniar 14th, 28th) beat Dhanbad Football Academy (Kaigunhao Chongloi 3rd) 2-1. PoM: Bhagabana Chuniar.
27 February (At Mohan Kumar Mangalam Stadium): Sports Hostel Odisha (Prasanta Oram 74th, Bhagabana Chuniar 59th, 89th) beat SAIL Football Academy, Bokaro (Sandeep Kachhap 3rd, Thokcham Aboy Meitei 56th) 3-2. PoM: Bhagabana Chuniar.
23 February (At Football Stadium, Khelgaon): Odisha Sports Hostel (Paika Soren 30th) beat Sports Authority of Jharkhand 1-0. PoM: Bhagabana Chuniar (SHO).
19 February (At Kaliniga Stadium, Bhubaneswar): Sports Hostel Odisha (Raghu Marandi 55th, Phagnu Munda Lohar 58th, Bijay Oram, 63rd, 69th, Raisen Tudu 73rd, Paika Soren 81st, Rinku Mahar 87th) beat FAO Academy 7-0. PoM: Bijay Oram.

SPORTS HOSTEL ODISHA SQUAD: Amrit Lakra (GK), Srikanta Bhoi (DF), Phagnu Munda Lohar (DF), Bhabani Pradhan (DF), Dilip Lakra (DF), Raghu Marandi (Captain, MF), Prasanta Oram (MF), Sibram Hansdah (MF), Raisen Tudu (FW), Bhagabana Chuniar (FW), Karma Mahato (FW), Jisu Hembram (FW), Prasanta Barla (DF), Pitabash Khillo (DF), Bijay Oram (FW), Paika Soren (FW), Rinku Mahar (MF), Sanjay Hembram (GK), Subrat Pradhan (GK), Manoj Kanhar (FW), Jamadar Munda (DF). Coach: Ajaya Kumar Behera; Manager: Jaspal Urma.
PHOTO: Players of FAO Academy U-18 boys team pose before one of their zonal league matches in Hero Elite League.



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