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*     This the fourth edition of the tournament.
*     The tournament will played in the cities of Sylhet and Dhaka.
*     The tournament will feature 10 teams, two more than the previous edition.
*     Bangladesh and Ireland will make their first appearances at the event.

Group A: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Ireland
Group B: England, West Indies, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh


March 23:
Australia v New Zealand, Sylhet (d/n)
March 23: South Africa v Pakistan, Sylhet (d/n)
March 24: England v West Indies, Sylhet (d/n)
March 24: India v Sri Lanka, Sylhet (d/n)
March 25: New Zealand v Ireland, Sylhet (d/n)
March 25: Australia v South Africa, Sylhet (d/n)
March 26: West Indies v Bangladesh, Sylhet (d/n)
March 26: England v India, Sylhet (d/n)
March 27: Australia v Ireland, Sylhet (d/n)
March 27: New Zealand v Pakistan, Sylhet (d/n)
March 28: England v Bangladesh, Sylhet (d/n)
March 28: West Indies v Sri Lanka, Sylhet (d/n)
March 29: South Africa v Ireland, Sylhet (d/n)
March 29: Australia v Pakistan, Sylhet (d/n)
March 30: India v Bangladesh, Sylhet (d/n)
March 30: England v Sri Lanka, Sylhet (d/n)
March 31: Pakistan v Ireland, Sylhet (d/n)
March 31: New Zealand v South Africa, Sylhet (d/n)
April 1: Sri Lanka v Bangladesh, Sylhet (d/n)
April 1: West Indies v India, Sylhet (d/n)

April 2:
A3 v B4, Sylhet (d/n)
April 2: A4 v B3, Sylhet (d/n)

April 3:
A1 v B2, Mirpur (d/n)
April 4: A2 v B1, Mirpur (d/n)

April 6:
Mirpur (d/n)

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