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ORGANISED BY: Odisha Cricket Association, Phone : 0671-2301702, E-mail:,, Website:

*     Altogether 33 teams would first play 50-over matches in the preliminary league after being divided into eight groups.
*     The eight group toppers would then join last year`s semifinalists East Coast Railway, Cuttack-A, Bhubaneswar-A and Cuttack-B in the super league, which would feature two-day/90-over matches.
*     The top four finishers in the super league would qualify for semifinals.
*     Both the semifinals and the final would be four-day matches.
*     East Coast Railway and Cuttack-A shared the trophy last year after the final between the two sides failed to produce decisive result with play in the last two days getting washed out completely.
*     Kalahandi Cup serves as the basis for selection of Odisha teams for Ranji Trophy and other senior inter-state tournaments.

Group-A: Dhenkanal, Kendrapara, Nayagarh, Angul
Group-B: Mayurbhanj, Deogarh, Nabarangpur, Sundargarh
Group-C: Keonjhar, Sonepur, Sambalpur, Gajapati, Rayagada
Group-D: Khurda, Boudh, Ganjam, Jagatsinghpur
Group-E: Balasore, Malkangiri, Jajpur, Paradeep
Group-F: Jharsuguda, KIIT, Kalahandi, Puri
Group-G: Rourkela, Koraput, Nuapada, Bhadrak
Group-H: Bhubaneswar-B, Bargarh, Phulbani, Balangir

PRELIMINARY LEAGUE FIXTURE (One-day/ 50-over matches):
February 20: Dhenkanal vs Kendrapara, Mayurbhanj vs Deogarh, Nayagarh vs Angul, Nabarangpur vs Sundargarh.
February 21: Dhenkanal vs Nayagarh, Mayurbhanj vs Nabarangpur, Kendrapara vs Angul, Deogarh vs Sundargarh.
February 22: Dhenkanal vs Angul, Mayurbhanj vs Sundargarh, Kendrapara vs Nayagarh, Deogarh vs Nabarangpur.
February 23: Keonjhar vs Sonepur, Sambalpur vs Gajapati
February 24: Sonepur vs Sambalpur, Gajapati vs Rayagada
February 25: Sonepur vs Rayagada, Keonjhar vs Sambalpur, Khurda vs Boudh, Balasore vs Malkangiri, Ganjam vs Jagatsinghpur, Jajpur vs Paradeep
February 26: Rayagada vs Keonjhar, Khurda vs Ganjam, Balasore vs Jajpur, Sonepur vs Gajapati, Boudh vs Jagatsinghpur, Malkangiri vs Paradeep
February 27: Keonjhar vs Gajapati, Khurda vs Jagatsinghpur, Balasore vs Paradeep, Sambalpur vs Rayagada, Boudh vs Ganjam, Malkangiri vs Jajpur.
March 1: Jharsuguda vs KIIT, Rourkela vs Koraput, Bhubaneswar-B vs Bargarh, Kalahandi vs Puri, Nuapada vs Bhadrak, Phulbani vs Balangir
March 2: Jharsuguda vs Kalahandi, Rourkela vs Nuapada, Bhubaneswar-B vs Phulbani, KIIT vs Puri, Koraput vs Bhadrak, Bargarh vs Balangir
March 3: Jharsuguda vs Puri, Rourkela vs Bhadrak, Bhubaneswar-B vs Balangir, KIIT vs Kalahandi, Koraput vs Nuapada, Bargarh vs Phulbani

Group-I: Cuttack-A, Angul, Sundargarh
Group-II: Cuttack-B, Sambalpur, Ganjam
Group-III: Bhubaneswar-A, Balasore, Puri
Group-IV: East Coast Railway, Rourkela, Bargarh

SUPER LEAGUE FIXTURE (Two-day/ 90-over matches):
March 11-12:
Cuttack-A vs Angu, Sambalpur vs Ganjam, Bhubaneswar-A vs Balasore, East Coast Railway vs Rourkela.
March 13-14: Angul vs Sundargarh, Cuttack-B vs Sambalpur, Balasore vs Puri, Rourkela vs Bargarh.
March 15-16: Sundargarh vs Cuttack-A, Ganjam vs Cuttack-B, Puri vs Bhubaneswar-A, Bargarh vs East Coast Railway.
April 12 to 13: Cuttack-A vs Bhubaneswar-A and Cuttack-B vs Rourkela.
April 26 to 29 at Ravenshaw University ground

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