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*     A total of five teams would compete in this tournament.
*     Teams are India, Chine, Korea, Japan and Malaysia.
*     India were champions in the last edition, defeating China 2-1 in the final at Singapore from Nov 5, 2016.
*     India won the silver in the 2nd edition, losing to Japan 0-1 at Kakamigahara, Japan on Nov 10, 2013.
*     In the inaugural edition at Busan, South Korea, India settled with bronze medal after beating Chine 2-1 on July 31, 2010.
*     Odisha defender Sunita Lakra will lead an 18-member Indian team in the 5th edition at Donghae City.
*     Four other Odisha players have been included in the 18-member team, which was announced by Hockey India today.
*     They are: Deep Grace Ekka, Namita Toppo, Lilima Minz and Anupa Barla.

May 13: India vs Japan (11.00 AM); Korea vs Malaysia (1.00 PM)
May 14: China vs Malaysia (11.00 AM); Korea vs Japan (1.00 PM)
May 16: Japan vs Malaysia (11.00 AM); India vs China (1.00 PM)
May 17: Malaysia vs India (11.00 AM); Korea vs China (1.00 PM)
May 19: China vs Japan (9.30 AM); India vs Korea (11.30 AM)
May 20: Match for 3/4 Place (9.15 AM) and Final (11.30 AM)

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