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ORGANISED BY: Football Association of Odisha (FAO)

*     A total of 22 states have confirmed to participate in this championship.
*     Matches would be played at Barabati Stadium, Ravenshaw University Ground and Odisha Reserve Police Ground.
*     The championship would start with group league with 22 teams placed in seven groups.
*     Host Odisha have been placed in Group C with Karnataka and Uttarakhand.

Group-A: Assam, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh
Group-B: Goa, Delhi, Jharkhand
Group-C: Odisha, Karnataka, Uttarakhand
Group-D: Manipur, Tamil Nadu, Haryana
Group-E: Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Pondicherry
Group-F: Punjab, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh
Group-G: Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar

July 1: Odisha vs Karnataka; Manipur vs Haryana; Delhi vs Jharkhand; Chandigarh vs Chhattisgarh
July 2: Maharashtra vs Pondicherry; Kerala vs Punjab; Gurajat vs Uttar Pradesh; Andhra Pradesh vs Bihar
July 3: Haryana vs Tamil Nadu; Karnataka vs Uttarakhand; Jharkhand vs Goa; Chhattisgarh vs Assam
July 4: Pondicherry vs Himachal Pradesh; Punjab vs Madhya Pradesh; Uttar Pradesh vs Bihar; Andhra Pradesh vs Gujarat
July 5: Tamil Nadu vs Manipur; Odisha vs Uttarakhand; Goa vs Delhi; Assam vs Chandigarh
July 6: Himachal Pradesh vs Maharashtra; Madhya Pradesh vs Kerala; Andhra Pradesh vs Uttar Pradesh; Bihar vs Gujarat

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