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  At- Nagrata Bagwan, HIMACHAL PRADESH

ORGANISED BY: Indian Weightlifting Federation with the support of Khelo India, Government of India

*     Competition will be held in Senior, Junior and Youth categories.
*     Pradeep Sharma (Mob: 91-8219113796) is the Competition Director.

Jyoshna Sabar (DoB: 20-7-2005, 25-10-2008): Youth 40kg-A
Mamita Mallik (DoB: 10-10-2006): Youth 40kg-A
Lalita Batra (DoB: 15-10-2006): Youth 45kg-C
Rinki Nayak (DoB: 9-1-2002): Junior 45kg-B
Meena Santa B (DoB: 27-3-2008): Youth 49kg-C
Sandhya Ranji Nayak (DoB: 27-10-2002) Junior 49kg-B
Jhilli Dalabehera (RSPB) Senior 49kg-A
Sneha Soren (DoB: 5-2-2001) Senior 49kg-A
Meena Santa A (DoB: 7-3-2007): Youth 55kg-B
Pramila Krisani (DoB: 9-1-1996): Senior 55kg-B
Nikki Shrambutika (DoB: 21-1-2006): Youth 59kg-C
Aparajita Bhuyan (DoB: 27-10-2002): Junior 59kg-B
Rima Bhoi (DoB: 29-8-2002): Junior 59kg-B
Tikimohini Mallik (DoB: 5-2-2008): Youth 64kg-C (Junior 76kg-B, Youth 76kg-B)
Sambari Samad (DoB: 5-1-2003): Junior 64kg-C
Debaki Khilla (DoB: 27-3-2002): Junior 64kg-B
Sangeeta Padhy (DoB: 21-3-2003): Junior 64kg-B, Senior 64kg-A
Saraswati Rout (DoB: 10-6-1995): Senior 64kg-A
Ranjila Majhi (DoB: 1-12-2005): Youth 71kg-C
Monali Sahoo (DoB: 14-3-2003): Junior 71kg-B
Akankshya Parida (DoB: 27-8-2006): Youth 81kg-C
Swetalina Nayak (DoB: 2-1-2002): Junior 81kg-B
Harshada Amar Patil (DoB: 16-1-2006): Junior 81kg-B
Rajeswari Behera (DoB: 15-5-1997): Senior 81kg-B
Banita Ghadei (DoB: 15-5-1999): Senior 87kg-A

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