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  At- Barabati Stadium, Cuttack

HOST: Football Association of Orissa (FAO)
CONTACT PERSON: FAO secretary Sanjay Behera (Mobile: 9937040459).


*     This year`s league would feature a total of 111 matches among 26 clubs and establishments, including defending champions East Coast Railway.
*     Teams have been divided into four groups and after completion of group league matches (72), top three teams from each group would advance to the super league.
*     The 12 teams in the super league would play a total of 30 matches after being divided into two groups and the top two teams from each group would make it to the semifinals.
*     Four bottom-placed teams of the group league would play the relegation league, which would involve a total of six matches.
*     Team that finishes last in this round would be relegated to next year`s Second Division League.
*     Last year`s Second Division champions Kishore Club has been promoted to this year`s First Division League, while Anchalika Sports Association, which finished at the bottom of last year`s First Division League table, has been relegated to this year`s Second Division League.
*     Vedanta Group would to continue to be the official sponsor of the FAO League, contributing Rs 5 lakhs.
*     The FAO League, however, would continue to be a competition for Cuttack-based teams.
*     Originally known as Cuttack Football League, the major domestic competition was renamed as FAO League after the formation of FAO earlier last year.
*     Though footballers from all over the state and beyond (foreigners included) get chance to participate in both the leagues, teams are restricted only to Cuttack municipal area.
*     This practice has been denying clubs of other places of the state the credit or recognition for promoting football in their respective areas.
*     Though is a clear case of discrimination, FAO and Orissa Olympic Association officials refuse to change the faulty system.


East Coast Railway, Jobra Durga Club, Orissa Police, Bidanasi Club, Young Utkal Club, Azad Hind Club, Orissa Fisheries Recreation Club.
Group-B: Rising Student Club, Radharaman Club, Orissa Government Press, Independent Club, Morning Club, Chauliaganj Club.
Group-C: Jay Durga Club, Chand Club, State Bank of India, Sports Hostel, Kishore Club, Radhagobinda Club, Central Rice Research Institute.
Group-D: Rising Star Club, Sunrise Club, Sports Authority of India, Western Mahavir Club, Sunshine Club, Mangala Club.

RESULTS (Group League matches):

JUNE 26:
Radharaman Club (Bhabani Mohanty, Nilaya Ghosal) beat Orissa Government Press 2-0.
JUNE 27: Sunrise Club (Ajad Ali 2, Rupeyi Hansda and Salku Hebram 1 each) beat Western Mahavir Club 4-0. Morning Club (Adil Khan, Ashok Das) beat Independent Club 2-0.
JUNE 28: Orissa Government Press (Anil Kumar Sasmal 2, Birendra Behera) beat Chauliaganj Club 3-0. SAI Hostel (Laxman Murmu, Shekh Zahid, Prasenjit Sinha, Lala Sudhansu Sekhar Ray) beat Mangala Club 4-0.
JUNE 29: Rising Student Club (Sanatan Nayak 3, Sujit Kumar Barik, N Sunil, Santosh Kumar Nayak, Prasant Kumar Nayak beat Independent Club (Santosh Singh) 7-1. Rising Star (Aswini Behera 2, Kuna Singh, Janmo Xess) beat Western Mahavir Club (Bhabani Sankar Majhi) 4-1.
JUNE 30: Sunrise Club (Wasim Raja 3, Rupayi Hanshdah) beat SAI Hostel (Somnath Naik, Lala Sudhansu Sekhar Ray) 4-2. Morning Club (Adil Khan 2, Santosh Behera 2, Mahesh Sahoo) beat Chauliaganj Club 5-0.

Rising Student Club (Ramachandra Murmu 3, Sanatan Nayak 2, Santosh Nayak 2, Premchand Singh, Prasant Nayak) beat Chauliaganj (Saurav Onka) 9-1. Western Mahavir Club (Tikaram Thapa) drew with Sunshine Club (Dasmath Tudu) 1-1.
JULY 2: Morning Club (Mahesh Kumar Sahoo, Santosh Kumar Behera) beat Orissa Government Press (Sesadev Behera) 2-1. SAI Hostel (Sanatan Lohar, Somnath Naik) beat Rising Star Club (Janmo Xess) 2-1.
JULY 4: Sunrise Club (Azad Ali, Wasim Raja) beat Sunshine Club 2-0. Radharaman Club (Prabal Das, Santosh Kumar Tudu) beat Independent Club 2-0.
JULY 5: Mangala Club (Sagar Rout, Bijaya Das) beat Western Mahavir Club (Debasis Nayak) 2-1.
JULY 6: Sunrise Club (Wasim Raja, Antu Murmu) beat Rising Star Club 2-0. Radharaman Club (Santosh Kumar Tudu) beat Morning Club 1-0.
JULY 7: SAI Hostel (Laxman Murmu) beat Sunshine Club 1-0.
JULY 8: Rising Student Club (Prasanta Nayak, Narayan Marandi, Rama Chandra Murmu) beat Radharaman Club 3-0. Mangala Club (Bijaya Das, Nirmala Swain) beat Rising Star Club (Rama Marandi) 2-1.
JULY 9: SAI Hostel (Somnath Naik 3, Sanatan Lohar 2, Arjun Nayak) beat Western Mahavir Club (Ajay Oram, Tikaram Thapa) 6-2. Independent Club (Sk Salim Ahemad, Asif Ali, Abdul Kadim, Sk Nayeem) beat Chauliaganj Club (Mohammad Saheb Alam, John Naik, Besarath Khan) 4-3.
JULY 10: Sunrise Club (Kedarnath Singh, Wasim Raja) beat Mangala Club 2-0. Rising Student Club (Sujeet Kumar Barik 2, Ramchandra Murmu) beat Morning Club (Adil Khan, Kartik Nayak) 3-2.
JULY 11:
Radharaman Club beat Chaulaganj Club (Walk-over). Sunshine Club beat Rising Star Club (Walk-over).
JULY 12: Jay Durga Club (Mohammad Meraz Khalid, Shekh Juber) beat Kishore Club (Shyam Charan Tudu) 2-1. Orissa Government Press beat Independent Club (walk-over).
JULY 13: Sunshine Club (Dushmanta Tudu, when Abhijit Dey) beat Mangala Club (Bijaya Das) 2-1. Jobra Durga Club (Mohan Cochim 2, S Alli Mola, Sandeep Parmanik 1 each) beat Young Utkal (Bisal Behera) 4-1.
JULY 14: State Bank of India (Saroj Kumar Das) drew with State Sports Hostel (Prasanta Behera) 1-1. East Coast Railway got walk-over against Orissa Fisheries Recreation Club.
JULY 15: Bidanasi Club (D Prasad Rao) beat Orissa Police 1-0. Chand Club (Sanjeet Panna 2, Bittu Ali) beat CRRI (Baidyanath Hembram) 3-1.
JULY 16: Radhagobinda Club (Alfred K Jaryan 2) beat State Bank of India (Saroj Kumar Das) 2-1. Azad Hind Club got walk-over against Orissa Fisheries.
JULY 17: Bidanasi Club (D Prasad Rao) drew with Jobra Durga Club (Baichand Hansda) 1-1. Jay Durga Club got walk-over against CRRI.
JULY 18: Sports Hostel (Prakash Dilla, Bikash Chandra Padhihari) beat Kishore Club (Patrick) 2-1. Azad Hind Club (James 2) beat Young Utkal Club 2-0.
JULY 19: Orissa Police (Arun Kumar Oram 2, Mohammad Ehsan Khan, Bikash Kesi) beat East Coast Railway (Hemanta Das) 4-1. Chand Club drew with State Bank of India 0-0.
JULY 20: Radhagobinda Club (Sankho Marandi, Olatunde Jimothy Komolafe) beat CRRI (Rajiv Shaw) 2-1. Jobra Durga Club got walk-over against Orissa Fisheries.
JULY 21: East Coast Railway (Gyanaranjan Samal, Laxman Murmu) beat Bidanasi Club 2-0. Chand Club (James Phirai 2, Abey Owlasho 2) beat Kishore Club (Patrick Aimar Davis, Dusmanta Marandi, Shyam Charan Tudu) 4-3.
JULY 22: Orissa Police (Mohammad Ehsan Khan, Bikash Kesi) beat Young Utkal Club (Kadu Murmu) 3-1. Sports Hostel drew with Jay Durga Club 0-0.
JULY 23: East Coast Railway (Gyana Ranjan Samal) beat Jobra Durga Club 2-0. Radhagobinda Club (Gokul Oram) beat Kishore Club 1-0.
JULY 24: Jay Durga Club (Mohammad Maraz Khalid hat-trick) beat State Bank of India (Gobinda Behera) 3-1. Azad Hind Club drew with Bidanasi Club 0-0.
JULY 25: East Coast Railway (Gyana Ranjan Samal 2, Salkhan Soren 2, Seikh Mustakim 1) beat Young Utkal Club (5-0). Government Sports Hostel (Rajak Nag) beat Radhagobinda Club 1-0.
JULY 26: Jobra Durga drew with Orissa Police 0-0. Chand Club (Sanjit Panna) drew with Jay Durga (Nasir Khan) 1-1.
JULY 27: Kishore Club (Patrick Arul Enondj 2, Dushmanta Marandi) beat State Bank of India 3-0. Bidanasi Club beat Young Utkal Club 5-0 (Gift 2, D Prasad Rao Rajesh Behera, Pareswar Das 1 each).
JULY 28: Sports Hostel (Pratap Sethi 3, Rajak Nag, Purna Chandra Samal, Prakash Dilla 1 each) beat CRRI 6-0. East Coast Railway (Maheswar Das 2) beat Azad Hind Club 2-0.
JULY 29: Young Utkal Club beat Orissa Fisheries 2-0 (Kuar Majhi, Bishal Behera). Radhagobinda Club (Alfred K Jaryan) beat Jai Durga Club 1-0.
JULY 30: Jobra Durga Club got walk-over against Azad Hind Club. Sports Hostel (Prakash Dilla, Pratap Sethi) beat Chand Club 2-0.
JULY 31: CRRI (Dipankar Das 4) beat State Bank of India (Santosh Choudhury, Raj Sekhar Pradhan, Gobinda Behera) 4-3. Bidanasi Club got walk-over against Orissa Fisheries.
AUGUST 1: Radhagobinda drew with Chand Club 0-0. Orissa Police got walk-over against Azad Hind.
JULY 2: Kishore Club got walk-over against CRRI.


*     The first phase league, featuring 72 matches among 26 teams in four groups, produced a total of 188 goals at an average of 2.61 goals per match.
*     Out of the 72 matches, six ended in draws, while 13 resulted in walk-overs due to absence of one team or the other.
*     Relegation League, scheduled to start on August 23, was cancelled as Orissa Fisheries Recreation Club pulled out of the competition and were relegated to the Second Division.
*     Overall, the 30 super league matches produced a total of 53 goals. But the super league lost much of its importance as 10 out of 30 matches ended in walk-overs.

Super league line-up:

Group X:
East Coast Railway, Sports Hostel, Radharaman, SAI Hostel,
Bidanasi, Jai Durga.
Group Y: Rising Student, Sunrise, Orissa Police, Radhagobinda, Morning, Sunshine.


East Coast Railway drew with Sports Hostel 0-0. SAI Centre (Laxman Murmu, Sanatan Lohar) beat Radharaman Club 2-0.
AUGUST 5: Rising Students Club (Sujit Kumar Barik) drew with Sunrise Club (Azad Ali) 1-1. Radhagobinda Club (A David, Sylvester) beat Orissa Police (Arun Kumar Oram) 2-1 in the 81st minutes.
AUGUST 6: Jay Durga Club (Mohammad Meraz, Seikh Moin) beat Bidanasi Club 2-0. East Coast Railway (Gyana Ranjan Samal 3, Maheswar Das 2) beat Radharaman Club (Santosh Kumar Tudu) 5-1.
AUGUST 7: Sunshine Club (Dasmath Tudu 2) beat Morning Club 2-0. Orissa Police (Jyacob Lama) beat Rising Students Club 1-0.
AUGUST 8: SAI Training Centre (Arjun Naik, Sahabaz Alam) beat Govt Sports Hostel (Pratap Kumar Sethy) 2-1. East Coast Railway (Maheswar Das 2, Salkhan Soren 2) beat Bidanasi Club 4-0.
AUGUST 9: Sunrise Club (Bashir Muhammed Abass, Rupayi Hansdah, Adebayo Adewusi) beat Radhagobinda Club (Ambika Lakra, Alfred K Jaryan) 3-2. Orissa Police (Arun Kumar Oram 2, K C Bikash) beat Morning Club (Kartik Nayak) 3-1.
AUGUST 10: Radharaman Club (Santosh Kumar Tudu, Chibuzo, Prabal Das) beat Jay Durga Club (Shekh Ashif Ikbul, Ashish Nandi) 3-2. Sports Hostel got walk-over against Bidanasi Club.
AUGUST 16: Rising Students Club got walk-over against Sunshine Club. Orissa Police (Abhimanyu Pande) beat Sunrise Club 1-0.
Aug 17: SAI Training Centre (Laxman Murmu) beat East Coast Railway 1-0.
State Sports Hostel got walk-over against Radharaman Club.
August 18: Radhagobinda Club (A David 2, Sankho Marandi, Alfred K Jaryan, Gokul Oram 1 each) beat Morning Club 5-0. Orissa Police got walk-over against Sunshine Club.
AUGUST 19: East Coast Railway (Gyana Ranjan Samal) drew with Jay Durga Club (Nasir Khan) 1-1. Radharaman Club got walk-over against Bidanasi Club.
AUGUST 20: Rising Students Club (Prasanta Naik, Olundi Razaq) drew with Radhagobinda Club (A David, Gokul Oram) 2-2. Sunrise Club got walk-over against Sunshine Club
AUGUST 21: SAI Training Centre got walk-over against Bidanasi Club. Jay Durga Club (Syed Manzoor Ali) beat State Sports Hostel 1-0.
AUGUST 22: Rising Students Club got walk-over against Morning Club. Radhagobinda Club got walk-over against Sunshine Club.
AUGUST 23: Rising Students drew with Radhagobinda Club 0-0. Chauliaganj (Janjali Sahu, Supriya Routray, Sushama Hasty) beat Sunshine 3-0.
AUGUST 24: Jay Durga Club (Mohammad Meraz Khalid) beat SAI Training Centre 1-0. Sunrise Club got walk-over against Morning Club.

AUGUST 25 (1st Semi-final): Radgobinda (Lot Thomson 2; A David, Samara Oram, Gokul Oram one each) beat SAI Training Centre (Somanath Naik 2, Sanatan Lohar) 5-3 via tie-breaker.
AUGUST 26 (2nd Semi-final): Orissa Police (Jacob Lama) beat Jay Durga Club 1-0.

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